NANOFRAZOR EXPLORE-Revolutionizing Nanofabrication

Brand: Heidelberg Instruments

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The first hybrid mix & match nanolithography tool

Fast and precise control of a heated nanoscale tip offers many unique possibilities for nanofabrication and enables innovations not feasible otherwise.

The NanoFrazor Explore performs with maximum speed, precision and reliability. The technology behind the system is the result of more than 20 years of intensive research and development that started at IBM Research in Zurich and has been extended at SwissLitho and Heidelberg Instruments.

The NanoFrazor Explore is equipped with the most advanced hard- and software to control the heatable NanoFrazor cantilevers in the best possible manner for writing and imaging. Recently, the Explore has received an integrated laser writer extension to speed up patterning of coarse features. Nano- and microfeatures can now be seamlessly and quickly written into the same resist layer using the same software platform in a single fabrication step.    


For additional information please download the Fact Sheet or contact us at Nano Vacuum Australia & New Zealand.

Key Features

  • Direct heated probe writing with resolution below 15 nm
  • Direct laser sublimation below 1 µm resolution
  • In-situ high speed AFM topography imaging
  • Sample size up to 100 x 100 mm2
  • Closed-Loop Lithography
  • Grayscale patterning with unprecedented resolution
  • and accuracy below 2 nm
  • Markerless overlay and stitching using in-situ AFM
  • for accurate alignment
  • Superior acoustic and vibration isolation
  • No clean room or special laboratory environment required
  • Enables numerous unique possibilities that go beyond
  • conventional nanolithography
  • Upcoming: Multi-Tip patterning and imaging module