EnviroMETROS LAB- the future of surface hybrid metrology


EnviroMETROS LAB enables hybrid metrology with high stability, reliability, and repeatability. It is designed for high sensitivites and throughput analysis and opens up new applications in the fields of ultrathin films and 2D materials, multilayer systems and their surfaces. The novel EnviroMETROS combines a variable information depth photoelectron spectrometer with optical and other analytical techniques to provide chemical and dimensional analysis of unsurpassed precision.

The EnviroMETROS LAB allows for the use of multiple or large samples (up to 80 x 80 mm), ISO conformity, clean room and SEMI standard compatibility.

It is versatile because it allows surface chemical analysis by XPS with adjustable information depth using X-ray energies of 1487 eV, 2984 eV, 5414 eV, as well as non-destructive depth profiling by parallel angle detection. It also includes sputter depth profiling using either monoatomic Ar-ions or Ar-clusters, ISS for top-most surface layer identification, electronic structure analysis by combined UPS and IPES, surface optical metrology by IRRAS and Raman, and identification of energy loss mechanisms by REELS. It is available as ultra-high-vacuum (UHV) version with a base pressure of 10-10 mbar as well as environmental version with working pressures from UHV up to 50 mbar.
The system is completely integrated, characterized by a comfortable design concepted for easy installation and operation with a maintenance-friendly structure and optimized uptime.

Finally, it is optimized by the software package Keystone M, that allows easy, fast and computerized handling with user level control, automated operation, analysis and data evaluation. All the parameters are stored and documented enabling the possibility of reproducible analysis recipes and templates and easy user support.

Join us in the future of surface hybrid metrology and explore new applications every day. Further information and system specifications can be found on the EnviroMETROS LAB product page