Galaxy Thermal Vacuum Chamber Solutions

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 Galaxy Thermal Vacuum Chamber Solutions

We offer a range of products, including some “off the shelf” solutions (TVC225 and TVC025). All of the chambers can be custom-design and equipped to meet your exact requirements, with the capability of cycling temperatures between -180°C to 200°C (higher temperatures available if required) at pressures below 1E-6 torr.

Both standard and custom-designed chambers are based on state-of the-art control solutions with unprecedented thermal control and performance. The software algorithms for thermal control ensures extremely accurate temperature control not only during steady state, but also during ramp cycles. A precise control of 16 independent temperature zones in a temperature range ranging from 83K up to
580K is proven.




  • Unprecedented vacuum and temperature performance 
  • Access and retrieve data in real time 
  • Reliability and reproducibility
  • Remote-router (eWON) solution
  • Simulation before the actual executing



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Galaxy TVC 025 (off the shelf) SPECIFICATION

 Description Data 
Test chamber volume  From 0.1 m3 up to 0.5 m3 
Base pressure  <1x10-6 torr 
Thermal range (standard) 223K to 400K 
Thermal range (extended) 90K to 573K 
Pump speed (H2O)  >3800 l/s 
Rough vacuum pump type  Roots pump package (250 m3/h) 
High vacuum pump type Cryogenic (turbo available as option) 
Dimensions (L x W x H)  1817 mm x 1050 mm x 1651 (closed chamber) 
Voltage   3φ 380-415V 50Hz or 3φ 190-230V 60Hz


1 Other temperature ranges are available, this is a demonstration of standard capability  
2 Require access to LN2 supply

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