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Founded in 1984, Heidelberg Instruments is today a global leader in design, development, and manufacturing of complex laser and LED-based maskless lithography systems. These systems are critical in the fabrication of advanced photomasks and direct write solutions. With multiple tools installed throughout Australia & New Zealand we are confident in providing you a solution for your lithography requirements, especially if you already own a contact mask aligner.

We are dedicated to producing leading-edge solutions for Micro- and Nanofabrication which meet the specific Direct Write Lithography requirements of our customers, with whom we form long-lasting partnerships by helping them deliver specific applications for today and the world of tomorrow, while also supporting system solutions throughout their product lifetimes.

To remain at the forefront of our industry, we continuously expand our vast knowledge in Micro- and Nanofabrication and work hard to advance our specialized engineering skills in mechanics, electronics, optics and software. This combined unique expertise enables us to develop exclusive solutions that outperform conventional lithography machinery and empower our customers.

3 products
μMLA The Table-Top Maskless Aligner-Nano Vacuum Australia and New Zealand
μMLA The Table-Top Maskless Aligner
Heidelberg Instruments
Heidelberg Instruments MLA150 Direct Write Maskless Aligner - Nano Vacuum Australia & New Zealand
MLA150 Direct Write Maskless Aligner
Heidelberg Instruments
MLA300 Maskless Aligner for Volume Production - Nano Vacuum Australia & New Zealand
MLA300 Maskless Aligner for Volume Production
Heidelberg Instruments

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