Das-Nano SKU: IRYS-THz


Das-Nano SKU: IRYS-THz
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The contactless solution for car-body multilayer thickness measurement

Irys is a contactless system that using Terahertz waves and proprietary algorithms developed by das-Nano provides the thickness measurement of every painting layer in a car body in a non-destructive way.


Pioneers in the automotive industry

Das-Nano has installed the first THz-based system in the world for the in-line control of the layer thickness of the car body coatings.

Their THz technology was chosen after an international tender by the leading car manufacturer, Volkswagen (VW), for the world’s first installation of the paint thickness inspection system at Volkswagen Navarra’s facilities in July 2020. IRYS system has been successfully in full operation since then, generating real-time data 24/7, and has allowed VW to have a better, cost-saving and sustainable painting process.

Direct benefits for your business


5% Material Savings thanks to thickness optimization.



3% Reduction of reworks.



Reduction of the environmental impact.



No need for cost extensive calibrations.

Discover cell operation with das-Nano Irys

Improve and fully control your paint processes

Irys Supervisory Control and Data acquisition sotware provides:

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