Benchtop ALD - GEMStar XT-P Thermal and PEALD

Arradiance SKU: GEMStar XT-P
GEMStar XT-P Thermal and PEALD-Nano Vacuum Australia and New Zealand

Benchtop ALD - GEMStar XT-P Thermal and PEALD

Arradiance SKU: GEMStar XT-P
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GEMStar XTTM family produces best in class ALD films from high aspect ratio particles through 200mm substrates both in single substrate and batch modes of operation.

The GEMStar XT-DPTM Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition (PEALD) system extends the capabilities of the GEMStar XTTM Thermal system to include best in class plasma processing through the full range of substrates.

Configured with a 300 Watt air cooled direct Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) RF system with four mass flow controlled gas inputs, either single (S) or dual (D) 200 °C manifold zones, four (S) or eight (D) high speed material ALD valve ports (one with vapor push technology), two locatable 200°C material temperature zones and an external gas interface, the GEMStar XT-DPTM system is a powerful plasma enabled tool to extend your research and processing requirements to the next level.

Some key features of the system include:

  • 300-Watt Air Cooled Direct ICP
  • Head with four metal sealed mass flow-controlled plasma gas inputs
  • Adjustable reactor temperature up to 300°C Up to 200°C uniform gas distribution delivery
  • Pulsed Vapor Push (PVPTM) to handle very low pressure material
  • Substrate configurable end effectors up to 200 mm diameter substrates, as well as a 450°C heated platen option
  • User selectable carrier gas MFC controlled input up to 200 SCCM
  • Field proven GEMFlowTM Control System.

Ease of Operation

The Arradiance GEMFlowTM Software provides complete user control over all key operating parameters such as temperature, gas flow rate, highspeed ALD valves, RF Power and vacuum isolation.

  • Preloaded on business level Windows® Laptop User created processes can be saved enabling substrate to substrate and batch to batch consistency without sacrificing flexibility 
  • Diagnostic system and logging creates traceable data of all system parameters during operation
  • Internal GEMStar XT USB control module



Modular ergonomic design with top panel access to all critical components

  • Fast precursor changes and reconfiguration
  • Easy access power, vacuum and gas connections
  • Perfectly suited for glove box configuration



System Dimensions

 Main - 25” H x 32” W x 24” D designed to fit on desktop, lab bench or glovebox Half Rack - 11”H x 12”W x 21”D for RF Power Supply

Door Mounted Substrate End Effector

Specify end effector diameter at time of order (200 mm default, 150 mm, 100 mm) Other sizes or batch cassettes available on request

Reactor/Door Thermal Zones

Two controllable zones up to 300 °C ± 1 °C Optional 450 °C Processing available on request

RF Plasma Source

300 W ICP Air Cooled Power adjustable head with automatic tuning Four mass flow controlled (MFC) plasma gas inputs with automatic pneumatic safety normally closed valves

Material Manifold

Single (S) or Dual (D) controllable manifold zone up to 200 °C Four (S) or Eight (D) High Speed ALD Valve Controlled Material Ports Single Pulsed Vapor Push (PVPTM) Zone controlled by High Speed ALD Valve

Material Bottle Heated Zones

Up to four movable zones up to 200 °C

Material Bottles

Up to four or six (2 STD) DOT certified 150 ML Bottles with bellows sealed valves

External Gas Input

Main System - Up to 4 (2 STD) Inputs for external user selectable gasses RF System – 4 inputs, 3 are user selectable for Plasma gas inputs

Inert Carrier Gas

Mass Flow Controlled up to 200 SCCM
Control System GEMFlowTM Control Software Windows® Professional 64-bit Laptop GEMStar XTTM USB control module
RF Power Supply 11”H x 12”W x 21”D Half Rack
Metrology Port Spare NF-40 In Line metrology port for QCM or other customer needs
Vacuum Gauge Convection Vacuum Gauge Optional ALD Insensitive Capacitive Monometer Gauge


The system is perfectly suited for glove box configuration.

Download brochure here


GEMStar XT Options

GEMStar XT Systems offer many standard options to enhance system process and metrology capabilities. Most are easily field upgradeable. We also support custom requirements.

GEMStar XT Glovebox Integrated Systems
Custom designed for Arradiance by VTI, we offer single and dual station Gloveboxes supporting multiple GEMStar systems simultaneously offering both back and side mounted GEMStar systems

GEMStar XT Glovebox Integrated Systems

ARR-850880 Glovebox Interface
Working with leading manufactures like VTI, GEMStar XT easily interfaces to all suppliers

ARR-850880 Glovebox Interface

ARR-859000 Load Lock
Manual load lock system to degas samples before being introduced to the ALD reactor

ARR-859000 Load Lock

ARR-40591B-DOT Material Bottles
130ML DOT4B Certified GEMStar Material Bottle compatible with all GEMStar Systems
Bottles can be filled by STREM Chemicals for most materials

ARR-40591B-DOT Material Bottles

ARR-850593 Material Heater Jackets
XT Systems have two material heater zones and can be upgraded to four zones with additional heater jackets

ARR-850593 Material Heater Jackets

Batch Processing
Arradiance offers many options for batch processing

Batch Processing

ARR-850600-6 450°C Heated Platen
Single wafer processing platen door for 150mm substrates

ARR-850600-6 450°C Heated Platen

ARR-850600-SR/DR Particle Coating
Arradiance offers several options for particle coating

ARR-850600-SR/DR Particle Coating

NW-25 ALD TPGP Vacuum Gauge Protector utilizing our patent pending TPGP technology


ARR-851850-C Quartz Crystal Monitor
Quartz Crystal Monitor Sensor, controller
Mounts directly to our standard KF-40 Metrology Port

ARR-851850-C Quartz Crystal Monitor

Ozone Generator
Should your process require a water free film process, we offer a high-performance Ozone generator and hardware to allow injection though one of GEMStar XT’s external gas inputs.

Ozone Generator

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