Ion Beam Deposition (IBD)

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    Ion Beam Deposition (IBD) and Reactive Ion Beam Deposition (RIBD).

    An ion beam strikes and sputters a target of material, which then coats the substrate tilted toward the target with the sputtered material. The properties of the deposited film will depend on the target material properties and on the ion sputter beam parameters (flux, energy, etc.) as well as the chamber ion source-target-substrate configuration. Ion beam deposition can be used in two ways: 

    • IBD uses charged non reactive ions
    • RIBD uses reactive species to alter the film properties.

    Oxford Instruments Ion Beam Deposition (IBD)


    • Allows beam energy and ion flux to be independently controlled
    • Process takes place in a lower pressure working environment
    • Offers good control of stoichiometry for a wide range of materials
    • Reduces porosity and included gas in deposited films
    • Enables deposition of very high quality optical and other films with super smooth surfaces
    • RIBD allows deposition of different materials, control of film stochiometry and substrate pre-cleans through the use of reactive species.
    • An RIBD example is VOX which needs highly accurate control of process gas ratios to allow specific thermo-electrical properties to be attained for sensitive thermal imaging applications.

    Features & Benefits

    • High quality thin film with ultra low contamination
    • High throughput with reduced footprint for lowest cost of operation
    • Unmatched batch uniformity and process reproducibility
    • Patented high speed substrate holder (up to 500RPM) equipped with a white light optical monitor (WLOM) design for very accurate in-situ optical film control
    • Very low surface film roughness
    • Deposition ion source: 15cm, 13.56 MHz driven
    • Gas inlet through source, assist source and into the chamber
    • Multiple targets with rotating shutter
    • Wide range of sputter target sizes with matching deposition ion source grid designs
    • Rotating and tiltable high speed substrate holder
    1 product
    Oxford Instruments Ionfab 300 Ion Beam Deposition - Nano Vacuum Australia & New Zealand
    Ionfab 300 Ion Beam Deposition
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