Circulaire® Fume Cupboards

Circulaire® Fume Cupboards
Circulaire® Fume Cupboards
Circulaire® Fume Cupboards
Circulaire® Fume Cupboards

Circulaire® Fume Cupboards

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The Circulaire® Filtration Fume Cupboard is fitted with ultra-deep Activated Carbon or HEPA filters to guarantee maximum fume filtration efficiency.

Fully compliant with COSHH regulations and international standards including BS7989:2001 for Filtration Fume/Particulate Cupboards.

All Monmouth products are designed to have both low noise levels and low energy consumption to help your company stay carbon neutral. LED Lighting further improve efficiency.  To ensure the cabinet is functioning correctly, every model has an animated colour LCD display showing the airflow is working within safe and calibrated parameters.

Technical Data

  C650 C900
External Dims (W x D x H) 650mm x 650mm x 1125mm* 900mm x 650mm x 1125mm*
Aperture (W x H) 590mm x 274mm 740mm x 274mm
Face Velocity Typically set at 0.55m/sec – Can be adjusted depending upon application
Sound <62dB <58dB
Main Filters Large Capacity CARBON or HEPA
Outlet Filter Large Capacity CARBON or HEPA (Optional)
Weight <54kg <66kg
Power 97W 92W

*Optional HEPA Outlet +70mm/Optional Carbon Outlet +55mm Height

Activated Carbon Filters

AC  General Organic Compounds (iodine, Solvents, Odours etc)
ACID  Acidic Compounds (and general organics)
ACR  Alkali Compounds (and general organics)
AMM  Ammonia & amine compounds (and general organics)
CYN  Cyanide Compounds
ETHER  Ether Compounds (and general organics)
FORM  Aldehydes (and general organics)
SUL  Sulphur Compounds (and general organics)
MCH  Special blend of up to 4 of the above carbon types
ED  Tri-Layered Filter for schools (organic, acid & alkali removed)

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