WBE-4 (windowless beam entrance)

WBE-4 (windowless beam entrance)
WBE-4 (windowless beam entrance)

WBE-4 (windowless beam entrance)

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Windowless Beam Entrance with Differential Pumping System

The WBE-4 (windowless beam entrance) is a multi-stage differential pumping system that connects a synchrotron beam line and a NAP end station and maintains a high pressure difference between analysis and beam line chambers. By using the windowless beam entrance, the experiment is not limited to the transmission characteristics of the separation window. The windowless beam entrance is easily adaptable to different pressures and beam requirements.


  • Modular concept with up to 4 differential pumping stages
  • Each stage with 3 DN63CF ports for pumps and/or pressure gauges
  • Additional DN16CF flange between pumping stages for micro-valves or filter assemblies
  • Apertures according to beamline specific beam dimensions
  • Beam current measurement on each aperture for alignment purposes
  • Beam diagnostic stage with photodiode, Cu mesh, W wire (heatable), P screen, and two additional positions for optional filters
  • manually operated Si3N4 window valve
  • x, y ,z alignment platform

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