VPO-300 Auto Load Rapid Thermal Annealing Oven

Unitemp Germany SKU: VPO-300
VPO-300 Auto Load Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA/RTP) Oven - Nano Vacuum Australia & New Zealand
VPO-300 Auto Load Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA/RTP) Oven - Nano Vacuum Australia & New Zealand

VPO-300 Auto Load Rapid Thermal Annealing Oven

Unitemp Germany SKU: VPO-300
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Vacuum Process Oven for up to 300 x 300 mm substrate size and temperature up to 1000 °C

Lamp heated rapid thermal annealing RTA and rapid thermal processing RTP equipment are using lamp heating in order to ramp up and cool down semiconductor wafers pretty fast. This equipment is therefore mainly used for applications where the substrate needs to be brought to a certain temperature just only for short time. The high ramp rates allow a short overall process time and keep the thermal budget (this is the total time of a wafer, being exposed to high temperature) of the wafer low. Because of the design of the heaters, these RTA and RTP tools are used mainly for single wafer treatment. Wafers have to be treated one by one. This is not as important as for other batch thermal processes, which use vertical furnaces and horizontal furnaces, because the process time is very short anyway. However wafer handling takes a substantial part of process time.
The VPO-300 is a cold wall oven.

    UniTemp RTP furnaces offer a unique lamp arrangement with upper and lower cross lamp arrays. The temperature distribution tool provides outstanding and unparalleled temperature uniformity resulting in process repeatability.


    Perfect for wafer up to 300 mm or substrates  up to 300 x 300 mm.

    Through the chamber walls there can be led different feed throughs, like a window for optical measurement tools, thermocouple feed through, gas inlets, etc.
    The process cycles are very short due to fast reaching of vacuum with 10E -3 hPa.

    Here are the most feasable applications:


    Processes using also other contaminating processes possible and all other applications of a RTP/RTA oven are oblitgatory,like:

    • Annealing processes
    • Rapid Thermal Processes
    • SiAu, SiAl, SiMo alloying
    • low k dielectrics
    • post implanting annealing


    • Chamber size: 350 x 350 x 50 mm
    • Loading area: 300 x 300  mm
    • chamber height: 50 mm (optional: chamber height 120 mm)
    • Chamber walls: Aluminium polished, easy to clean (optional: stainless steel)


    • Cover opens and closes vertically
    • Direct or remote control  for automatically application on request (SPS, robotics,etc).


    • Bottom heating:  Infrared lamps crossed 21 kW
    • Upper heating:   Infrared  lamps crossed 21 kW (selectable)


    • Chamber: Gas N2

    Process control:

    • Control: SIMATIC  SPS  with 7" touch panel
    • 50 programs with 50 steps each storable

    Process gases:

    • 1 Mass Flow controller for 5 nlm (=norm liter per minute) is standard
    • Optional: up to add. 3 gas lines (Nitrogen, Argon, Helium, Oxygen, optionally

    Vacuum (optional):

    • MP (Membrane pump
    • RVP (Rotary vane pump):  10E -3 hPa. Vacuum sensor up to 10E -3 hPa
    • other pumps on request


    • Power 2 x (400/230V, 21 kW)
    • Vacuum connector: KF 16/25
    • Exhaust: KF16 rear site
    • Gas lines: Swagelok 6 mm compression fitting
    • Cooling water supply: 10 mm/12mm
    • Compressed dry air (CDA), 6 mm OD, 5 - 6 bar


    • Dimension: 504 x 504 (700) x 680 mm (w x d x h)
    • Weight:   approx.100 kg


    VPO-300 Brochure

     Options and accessories:

    VPO-MFC Mass Flow Controller (max. 3 pcs)
    VPO-RVP Rotary vane pump for vacuum up to 10E-3 with oil filter
    VPO-SS Chamber made of stainless steel instead of Alu (polished) 50 mm
    VPO-H2 Hydrogen module
    VPO-GP Graphite Plate 3 mm thick
    VPO-QP Quartz plate for separation of the top lamp area
    VPO-QH Quartz universal holder for 100 mm up to 300 mm wafer size (star)
    VPO-TC additional thermocouple to measure on device (plugged in chamber); for external measurement tool max. 4 pcs
    WC-III Closed loop water cooling system
    Vacuum We offer different vacuum pumps and vacuum equipment
    VPO-SI Serial interface between VPO sytem and external PC using USB 2.0 port and through USB 2.0 cable
    VPO-RC Remote control of top cover and closing, including connection to safety of external cabinet


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