ULTRA The Semiconductor Laser Mask Writer

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The ULTRA specifically addresses the production of mature semiconductor photomasks. It provides an economical mask writer solution with all the features you require for high throughput, high precision and structure uniformity, and extremely accurate alignment. With its modern, compact build, you can easily incorporate the system into an existing mask shop infrastructure.

Mature photomasks continue to be a vital component in semiconductor device fabrication, being used in power management, microcontrollers, LED lighting, the IOT, MEMS, the automotive industry, to name but a few. The ULTRA serves this market with structure sizes down to 500 nm and write speeds up to 325 mm2 or 580 mm2 per minute depending on write mode, while featuring excellent values for CD, image quality, overlay, and registration.

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Key Features

  • Maximum substrate size: 9" x 9"; optional: 17" x 17"
  • Minimum feature size: 500 nm
  • Address grid down to 5 nm
  • High-speed optical engine
  • Customized UV optics (0.9 NA objective lens)
  • 20 nm line edge roughness
  • Input formats: All standard formats, e.g. GDSII, OASIS
  • Overlay of 30 nm
  • Economical, high-power UV laser
  • 100 nm 2nd layer alignment
  • Automatic mask loader
  • CD uniformity of 30 nm
  • SECS / GEM protocol
  • High-speed data path for all types of pattern