System for Elevated Pressures (1 mbar)

System for Elevated Pressures (1 mbar)
System for Elevated Pressures (1 mbar)

System for Elevated Pressures (1 mbar)

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Cost Effective, Modular System for Elevated Pressures (1 mbar)

Many interesting processes are taking place at pressures of up to 1 mbar and therefore the development of systems for X-ray spectroscopy investigations under elevated pressures has opened the possibility to perform EP-XPS experiments. The system for elevated pressures is extremely cost effective and modular. It can be designed in a backfilling or in-situ NAP cell configuration. Due to its modular concept, the system can be upgraded to full NAP-XPS system that can work in pressure ranges of up to 50 mbar. The main component of the system is the high performance PHOIBOS 150 EP hemispherical energy analyzer which can be transformed into a PHOIBOS 150 NAP by adding the NAP pre-lens. The system can also be equipped with dual anode non-monochromated X-ray source XR 50 or high flux small spot monochromated X-ray source µ-FOCUS 600.


  • Powerful and easy to use systems for studies under elevated pressure (EP) conditions
  • Working pressure of up to 1 mbar depending on configuration
  • In-situ reaction cell design or backfilling design available
  • Optional IR laser heating in gaseous environments
  • Customizable gas handling systems
  • Modular system concept allows for efficient upgrade options
  • Well established and proven performance with a large installed base worldwide


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