Sample Environment

Sample Environment
Sample Environment

Sample Environment

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Exchangeable Sample Environments allow users to adjust the EnviroESCA machine to different sample and experiment conditions quickly and easily.


  • Exchangable Sample Environment
  • Quickly adjust conditions to different samples and experiments
  • Plasma cleaning mechanism
  • Available for different temperature ranges

The stringent UHV requirement of conventional XPS is a limitation that does no longer apply with EnviroESCA. Dedicated sample environment modules are provided as smart units for different classes of samples and applications. The modules are equipped with all relevant components such as sample stage, plasma cleaning and gas handling. Their exchange can be readily accomplished in just a few minutes.

Exchange room temperature (RT) with variable temperature (VT) or high temperature (HT) environments. Use dedicated environments when working performing special experiments using electrical feedthroughs or when working with liquids or messy materials.



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