PlasmaPro 100 RIE

Oxford Instruments Plasma SKU: PlasmaPro100PolarisICP
PlasmaPro 100 RIE - Nano Vacuum

PlasmaPro 100 RIE

Oxford Instruments Plasma SKU: PlasmaPro100PolarisICP
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The PlasmaPro 100 RIE modules deliver anisotropic dry etching for an extensive range of processes.

  • Compatible with all wafer sizes up to 200mm
  • Rapid change between wafer sizes
  • Low cost of ownership and ease of serviceability
  • Excellent uniformity, high throughput and high precision processes

  • In-situ chamber cleaning and end-pointing
  • Wide temperature range electrode, -150°C to 400°C

      System Features:

      • Delivers reactive species to the substrate, with a uniform high conductance path through the chamber
        Allows a high gas flow to be used while maintaining low pressure
      • Wide temperature range electrode (-150°C to +400°C) 
        which can be cooled by liquid nitrogen, a fluid re-circulating chiller or resistively heated - An optional blow out and fluid exchange unit can automate the process of switching modes
      • A fluid controlled electrode fed by a re-circulating chiller unit
        Excellent substrate temperature control
      • High pumping capacity - gives wide process pressure window
      • Wafer clamping with He backside cooling
        Optimum wafer temperature control


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