PlasmaPro 100 Cobra ICP-RIE

Brand: Oxford Instruments

Product Code: PlasmaPro100CobraICP

Availability: On Request

The PlasmaPro 100 range of etch and deposition tools can be fitted with a variety of substrate electrodes, enabling processes over a wide temperature range. They offer a 200mm platform with single wafer and multi-wafer batch capability. The process modules offer excellent uniformity, high throughput and high precision processes.

  • Wide temperature range electrode, -150°C to 400°C

  • Compatible with all wafer sizes up to 200mm
  • Rapid change between wafer sizes
  • Low cost of ownership and ease of serviceability
  • Compact footprint, flexible layout
  • In-situ chamber cleaning and end-pointing

    System Features:

    • Oxford Instruments’ PlasmaPro 100 process modules offer a 200mm platform with single wafer and multi-wafer batch capability. The process modules offer excellent uniformity, high throughput and high precision processes.

      Delivers reactive species to the substrate, with a uniform high conductance path through the chamber - Allows a high gas flow to be used while maintaining low pressure

      Variable height electrode - Utilises the 3-dimensional characteristics of the plasma and accommodate substrates up to 10mm thick at optimum height

      Wide temperature range electrode (-150°C to +400°C) which can be cooled by liquid nitrogen, a fluid re-circulating chiller or resistively heated - An optional blow out and fluid exchange unit can automate the process of switching modes

      A fluid controlled electrode fed by a re-circulating chiller unit - Excellent substrate temperature control

      RF powered showerhead with optimised gas delivery - Provides uniform plasma processing with LF/RF switching allowing precise control of film stress

      ICP source sizes of 65mm, 180mm, 300mm - Delivers process uniformity up to 200mm wafers

      High pumping capacity - Gives wide process pressure window

      Wafer clamping with He backside cooling - Optimum wafer temperature control


    Dry pump N2 standby mode - Saves energy and nitrogen

    Gas pod - incorporate extra gas lines and allow greater flexibility

    Logviewer software - datalogging software allows realtime graphing and post run analysis

    Optical end point detectors - an important tool for achieving optimal process results

    Soft pump - allows the slow pumping down of a vacuum chamber

    Turbomolecular vacuum pump - offers superior pumping speeds and higher throughput

    X20 Control System - delivers a future proof, flexible and reliable tool with increased system ‘intellect’

    Advanced Energy Paramount generator - Offering increased reliability and greater plasma stability

    Automatic pressure control - This controller ensures very fast and accurate pressure control

    Dual CM gauge switching - provides the ability to utilise two differing ranges of capacitance manometer via a single pressure control valve

    LN2 autochangeover unit - enables table cooling fluid to be automatically switched between Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) and Chiller Fluid

    TEOS liquid level sensing - level sensing is achieved using ultra sonic level sensors fitted to the TEOS canister

    Wide temperature range electrode - significant design improvements to increase process performance


    • III-V etch processes
    • Solid State Lasers InP etch
    • VCSEL GaAs/AlGaAs etch
    • RF device low damage GaN etch
    • Silicon Bosch and cryo-etch processes
    • Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) deposition
    • SiO2 and quartz etch
    • Failure analysis dry etch de-processing using the specially-configured PlasmaPro FA tools ranging from packaged chip and die etch through to full 200mm wafer etch
    • High quality PECVD of silicon nitride and silicon dioxide for photonics, dielectric layers, passivation and many other uses
    • Hard mask deposition and etch for high brightness LED production

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