NAP-XPS System with SPM and IRRAS

NAP-XPS System with SPM and IRRAS
NAP-XPS System with SPM and IRRAS

NAP-XPS System with SPM and IRRAS

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Near Ambient Pressure XPS with SPM and IRRAS Multimethod System for Deeper Surface Analysis

The combination of different analysis techniques allows for getting a deeper insight into the studied processes. Therefore SPECS has designed in which NAP-XPS with SPM and IRRAS allows for the combination of NAP-SPM or FTIR spectroscopy for deeper insight into the surface processes .

NAP-SPM technique is an excellent complementary tool to NAP-XPS. While NAP-XPS delivers information about the chemical composition of the sample surface, NAP-SPM  allows the user to get atomically resolved images of the studied surfaces under UHV conditions or in a specific gas atmosphere.

The SPM Aarhus NAP is perfectly suited to be incorporated into complex multimethod systems. Due to its excellent mechanical stability the SPM Aarhus NAP can deliver atomic resolution even when different system modules are in full operation. The below image shows an example of a system where the SPM Aarhus NAP is combined with a NAP-XPS and a preparation system module.

IR-spectroscopy is an established method for measuring the vibrational signature of a molecule. It can distinguish between molecules in the gas phase and adsorbed molecules on a surface on different sites. Therefore, IRRAS technique is extremely well suited for investigations of surfaces under a specific gas atmosphere and a widely-used complementary investigation method to NAP-XPS. Examples of NAP-XPS systems combined with IRRAS are shown in the pictures below.


  • NAP-SPM / NAP-XPS system equipped with Aarhus SPM NAP for surface science studies in controlled atmospheres of pressures of up to 100 mbar
  • Ideal for combination with complementary techniques due to the outstanding stability of the Aarhus SPM
  • NAP-XPS / IRRAS system equipped with FTIR spectrometer suitable for IR-spectroscopy under UHV as well as specific gas atmospheres
  • Optional polarization module for PM-IRRAS
  • Customizable gas handling system
  • Modular system concept allows for efficient upgrade options (sample preparation module, HPC 20, etc.)
  • Well established and proven performance with a large installed base worldwide

Download Brochure: SPECS Systems NAP_XPS & NAP SPM

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