NAP Cluster Flange

NAP Cluster Flange

NAP Cluster Flange

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NAP Cluster Flange as Interface between Analytical Tools

When realizing a NAP-XPS system with exchangeable chambers, the NAP Cluster Flange is the central interconnection piece between the most important components of each NAP-XPS system, e.g. the electron analyzer, the excitation source and the reaction chamber. The solid construction ensures full reproducibility of the position of the reaction chamber and therefore the reproducibility of the sample position with respect to the analyzer acceptance area and the spot profile of the excitation source on the sample, when exchanging system parts. The cluster flange can be be customized and adapted to the experimental requirements.


  • Interface between analytical tools, i.e. analyzer, light source, and customer reaction chamber
  • Customized according to individual requirements
  • Ports for analyzer, beam entrance, and viewport
  • Easy access nozzle mounting


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