Nano Vacuum DRV16 Rotary Vane Laboratory Vacuum Pump

Brand: NanoVac

Product Code: DRV16

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The Nano Vacuum DRV Series Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps are rugged oil sealed high vacuum laboratory pumps suitable for a variety of applications including schlenk lines, distillation, rotary evaporation, freeze drying, gloveboxes, molecular evaporation, separation, filtration, analytical instruments and many more....

The DRV pumps include:

  • Non-spring rotary vane design to achieve low noise, low vibration and long service life
  • Integrated oil check valve to prevent backstreaming into your process
  • Direct injection oil pressure lubrication for low maintenance and long service lifetime
  • Modular design for easy assembly/disassembly and maintenance access
  • Quiet motor for a comfortable lab environment 

    Technical Specifications:

     Peak Pumping Speed:

    14.4 m^3/hr

    Ultimate Pressure (Total):

    5.0 x 10^-3 mbar (50Hz)



    Inlet/Outlet Flange:

    NW25 KF

    Motor Type:

    1ph 230V, 50Hz

    Weight 27 kg