n.jet display

Notion SKU: n-jet-display
n.jet display

n.jet display

Notion SKU: n-jet-display
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The n.jet display series prints functional layers in various steps of display production, and for various display technologies. This includes rigid, flexible, OLED, QLED, and LCD displays. In addition to its unparalleled precision, the platform complies with highest demands on process environment and process stability.

Specifically developed features, like the no.mura printing technology solve long-standing challenges of the industry and enable an efficient, additive use of the valuable materials involved in manufacturing of next generation displays.


  • Pixel printing
  • Encapsulation
  • Light blocking, switching & guiding layers 

Main features

  • Optimized maintenance concept for production platforms and minimized waste of materials
  • Non-contact nozzle cleaning for highest process stability and long printhead lifetime
  • Mura-free printing and nozzle & jetting calibration


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