METIS 1000 System

METIS 1000 System
METIS 1000 System

METIS 1000 System

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System Module for SPECS METIS 1000 Momentum Microscopes


  • High Performance TOF Momentum Microscope
  • Ultra Low Temperature Sample Stage
  • Ready for Laser or Synchron Use
  • UHV Preparation System
  • Fast Entry Loadlock

The system for the METIS 1000 momentum microscope, is a turnkey system for state-of-the-art TOF-ARPES and TOF-PEEM operation. If comes with a fully equipped system base including vibrational insulation. The system design is ready to host laser or synchron beam access, sample transfer to preparation facilities and additional analysis components, such as Hg discharge light sources or camera systems.  

The moldular design is compatible with all SPECS FlexMod system modules for easy extension of the analytical and preparation abilities.

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