Mini - 500W Recirculating Chiller

Mini  Recirculating Chiller 500W - Nano Vacuum Pty Ltd

Mini - 500W Recirculating Chiller

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The Mini is the most sophistaced and energy efficient chiller ATC have produced. 

Designed to replace the KT range, the Mini combines excellent cooling performance, a smaller footprint and new touchscreen controller.  As all of the internals run on 24 volts, the unit is incredible energy efficient and suitable for use all over the world.  The low noise variable speed fans make the Mini whisper quiet and the perfect additoan to your laboratory or workpace. 

500W cooling capacity, more powerful than the KT with a set point of 20°C and at an ambient of 20°C  

• Set temperature range of -10°C to +60°C

• A touchscreen interface

• Universal 90-260 VAC input voltage and 50/60Hz input frequency suitable for use all over the world

• Variable speed compressor and fan

• More energy efficient can better control noise

• Whisper quiet

• 41% smaller than the KT range- a similar size to a desktop PC

• Consumes 20% of power of the previous version (KT)

• Overhauled refrigeration system, using a variable speed compressor

• Continual adjustment of refrigerant mass flow rate to control duty

• Water System constructed from 12mm push fit fittings

• High degree of serviceability with limited need for specialist tools

• Options for both high and low pressure pumps

• USB port for downloading system data

• Remote diagnosis of faults

• Loading software updates

• Uploading set point against time programs

• Downloading system performance data

• Whisper quiet in operation

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Physical attributes          
Physical dimensions (LxWxH) (mm)  
  435 x 180 x 380  
Weight (kg)  
  Dry 20kg, wet 21kg  
Noise level (dB(A))   
  35-64 (auto fan speed control)  
Toolless access   No  
Temperature control attributes          
Technology     Vapour compression  
Evaporator technology
    Brazed plate heat exchanger  
Duty at +20°C ambient, Setpoint +20°C (kW)
Duty at +20°C ambient, Setpoint +15°C (kW)
Refrigerant & charge
    R134a, 360g  
Temperature range (standard)     +4°C to +35°C  
Temperature range (extended)
    -10°C to +35°C  
Control method     PID  
Temperature stability (with constant load)     ±0.1°C  
Settable temperature resolution     0.1°C
Maximum THR (Total Heat Rejection)
Ambient air temperature range
Water circuit attributes        
System volume (L)     0.64  
Pump type
    Sanso 24VDC brushless centrif pump 1.9bar(d/h) 3L/min (o/f)  
Pump capability      3.5L/min @1 bar
Pressure control (settable pressure relief valve)     N/A
Standard fittings     Pushfit 12mm 
Standard chemical compatibility     Hexid Fluid, Water, Propylene Glycol
Electrical attributes        
(24Vdc, +V, 0V, E) L-spec     Yes, 20A max draw (500W)  
(90-264Vac, 1/2, 50-60Hz) U-spec     Yes, 2A@115Vac, 1A@230Vac, L+N+E or L1+L2+E  
Overcurrent fault-cleared restart mode     Manual  
Safety and fault indicator        
1st party approvals     CE  
3rd party approvals
      FCC CFR47 Part 15 Subpart B
      IEC61000-6-4:2007 +A1:2011
Empty fluid reservoir alarm     Visual, Touchscreen controller GUI
Half-full fluid reservoir indicator
    Visual, Touchscreen controller GUI  
Full fluid reservoir indicator
    Visual, Touchscreen controller GUI
Low fluid flow alarm     Optional flowmeter
Temperature out of range alarm     Visual, Touchscreen controller GUI
Compressor HP switch     Standard, via compressor control PCB  
Motor thermal overload
Emergency off     Standard, via Fuse
Warranty options     2  year parts, 1 year labour
      Enhanced warranty options 
 Interlock restored, restart mode     Automatic
Options available        
Low temperature pack; SA00002     Available, to -10°C  
High temperature pack; SA00003     Available, to +65°C  
Water cooled KT; SA00004     In development  
Non-return solenoid pack; SA00008   ` In development  
High temperature water circuit w/o heater; SA00009     In development  
Low flow alarm (KT); SA00010     In development  
Onboard RS485 data protocol; SA00011     Available  
Standard VFC set; SA00012     In development  
In-line Deionising cartridge and fittings; SA00013     Available  
Stainless non-return solenoid valve; SA00014
Castors to replace rubber feet; SA00015     Available  
CPC quick release connectors; SA00016     Available; CPC quick connect 3/8" or 1/2"  
Installation kit; SA00017     Available  
Particulate filter; SA00021     Available  
Flow meter pack; SA00022
Fan speed control (proportional); SA00024
Flow meter pack output to RS485; SA00025
    In development  
Seismic mounts; SA00026      In development  
In-line UV decontamination; SA00027     Available  
External manifold (2-way); SA00042     Available  
External manifold (3-way); SA00043
External manifold (4-way); SA00044
External manifold (5-way); SA00045
External manifold (6-way); SA00046
External manifold (7-way); SA00047
External manifold (8-way); SA00048
External manifold (9-way); SA00049     Available  
External manifold (10-way); SA00050

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