KF Pneumatic Inline Angle Valves, 24VDC Solenoid

Brand: NanoVac

Product Code: KF16ILV-P

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NanoVac right angle manual bellows sealed valves offer a reliable and economical isolation solution for high and very high vacuum applications. 


  • The moderate conductance of inline valves results from the gas flow making two right-angle turns through the valve.
  • Recommended for applications requiring a line-of-sight connection between two offset ports
  • Feature fluorocarbon o-ring seat seals, bellows-sealed shafts, and bonnet seals
  • Leak rate across seat: 2x10-9 mbar L/s
  • Pressure Max: Atmospheric pressure
  • Pressure Min: 1x10-9 Torr
  • Normal repairs can be made without removing the valve body from the system
  • Pneumatic actuation with 24VDC Solenoid included