HB30 Heavy Wire Bonder - Wedge Bonding

Brand: TPT

Product Code: HB30

Availability: On Request

The HB30 is a bench top size wire bonder, ideal for laboratories and pilot production lines. Ideal for wire sizes up to 500um and ribbons up to 2000um. Z- & Y-Axis is automatic/motorised.
Easy operation with a TFT touch screen, direct access and simple adjustment of all bond parameters.

Full specifications can be found here

Aluminium & copper wedge bonding
Wire sizes from 100um to 500um. Ribbon sizes up to 300 x 2000um

6.5" Touch Panel
6.5" Touch Panel provides easy intuitive control

Automatic bond height adjustment
Z-axis sensor identifies touch down & sets the height parameters

Storage of 100 parameters
Easy setting recall for working on different applications

Extension kit compatibility
Pick & Place & Video Targeting

Repeatable Loop Profiles
Motorised axis allows precise loop repetition

Simple Loop Programming
Create individual loop profiles consisting or up to 10 steps

Deep & wide access
Ample workspace due to the special bond head design

High precision cutting sequence
Specific wire cutting parameters prevent substrate damage

Vacuum Stage Fixation
Optional function for high power applications