HB05 Manual Thermosonic Wire Bonder - Wedge & Ball Bonding

Brand: TPT

Product Code: HB05

Availability: On Request

The HB05 is a bench top size wire bonder, ideal for laboratories and pilot production lines. One bond head for bonding in ball/wedge or wedge/wedge bonding mode. Only a tool change is necessary.
Easy operation with a TFT display, direct access and simple adjustment of all bond parameters.

Full specifications can be found here

Gold, aluminium, silver & copper wire
Wire sizes from 17um to 75um. Ribbon sizes up to 25 x 250um

4" TFT display with push dial
Fast and easy control of all bonding parameters

Motorised Wire Clamp
Precise tail length control

Wedge, ball & ribbon bonding
Easy to switch between bonding modes

Storage of 20 parameters
Easy setting recall for working on different applications

Extension kit compatibility
Pick & Place, Pull Tester, Video Targeting and Copper Ball Bonding

Compact design & intuitive control
The bonder's practical design ensures smooth and easy use

Deep & wide access
Ample workspace due to the special bond head design