Gold Pellets [Au] 3mm x 3mm, 99.995%, Per Gram

Brand: NanoVac

Product Code: PE-AU-3-3-1-4N5

Availability: On Request

Gold [Au] Pellets used for thermal evaporation from boats/crucibles or electron beam evaporation. The quantity unit measure is per gram.
Pellet size is 3mm x 3mm. Purity is 99.995%
Due to the volatile nature of precious metal pricing, the stated price may vary as determined by availability and market fluctuations. The price will be confirmed at time of order.

All our materials are tested using ICP-OES chemical analysis and manufactured under ISO9001:2008 certification.

Materials are vacuum packed under cleanroom conditions to ensure zero contamination.

If your size, quantity or purity is not available please contact us for a personalised quotation.