Edwards E2M40 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump (3ph Motor 380-400V 50Hz, 230/460 60Hz)

Brand: Edwards Vacuum

Product Code: A36404930

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EM Series pumps are rugged, mechanical oil-sealed pumps in a compact and quiet design. They feature advanced lubrication circuits, high reliability, and accessories to suit your specific application needs. 

Ideal for dealing with extreme gaseous environments such as pharmaceutical freeze drying or refrigeration system evacuation, the EM series is the industry standard for zero contamination of process and effective lubrication under high gas loads.

Known for their high ultimate vacuum ranges and rapid pumping speeds, these pumps are now the industry standard in a range of scientific and laboratory applications, and are ideal for backing your small turbomolecular pumps.

Flexible and reliable

Compact in build and packing a punch, these pumps are available as free-standing units that are easy to deploy. With a series of wide voltage motors, you can achieve global coverage with less variants.

Easy to install

Installation is relatively simple with no customer wiring required - they come equipped with an integral IEC connector. The alternate side inlet connection port also allows you to install in height-restricted areas.

Built-in protection systems

The motor is enclosed and cooled by the motor-cooling fan and overheating protection is provided via a thermal overload device. Your EM pump is intelligent too. It automatically resets and restarts the pump when the motor cools down. No manual intervention is required.

Easy to maintain

The O-ring sealed sight glass makes inspection of oil level and condition simple too.

Application Examples

  • Vacuum metallurgy processes 
  • Thin film coating technologies 
  • Pharmaceutical freeze drying 
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning system evacuation, drying, and backfilling 
  • Transformer and cable drying and impregnation, insulating oil treatment plant 
  • Lamp manufacture 
  • Cryogenic vessel evacuation 
  • Vacuum drying and distillation in chemical industries 
  • Semiconductor device manufacture 
  • Backing pump for high vacuum applications

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     Technical Specifications:

     Peak Pumping Speed:

    42.5 m^3/hr / 25 cfm

    Ultimate Pressure (Total):

    1.0 x 10E-3 mbar (50Hz) / 7.7 x 10E-4 Torr (60Hz)

    Water Vapour Capacity - GBII:

    0.2 kg/hr

    Inlet/Outlet Flange:


    Motor Type:

    3ph 380-400V 50Hz, 230/460 60Hz

    Part Number: