DWL66+ Direct Write Laser Lithography Tool

Brand: Heidelberg Instruments

Product Code: DWL66+

Availability: On Request

The DWL 66+ laser lithography system is an economical, high-resolution pattern generator for low volume mask making and direct writing. The capabilities and flexibility of this system make it the ultimate lithographic research tool in Life ScienceAdvanced PackagingMEMSMicro-OpticsSemiconductor and all other applications that require microstructures. The customer base of the DWL 66+  includes over 200 leading universities and research facilities world wide. Many of the system features have been developed in close cooperation with these institutions. Constant enhancements and advancing technology have most recently led to the addition of the High-Resolution Mode: with a minimum structure size of 300 nm the DWL 66+ provides the ultimate in high resolution, outperforming or equaling even the most powerful optical lithography systems in the Research & Development market segment.

The basic DWL 66+ includes all the features that are needed for successful creation and analysis of your microstructures. It can be used for mask making or direct exposure on basically any flat material coated with photoresist. Numerous optional features increase the flexibility and make the system suitable for more applications. And if one of your applications requires a special technology, it can most likely be implemented in the DWL 66+.

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Key Features

  • Substrates up to 200 x 200 mm²
  • Structures down to 0.3 µm
  • Address grid down to 5 nm
  • Multiple write modes
  • Vector and Raster exposure mode
  • Multiple data input formats
  • SLM based light engine
  • Multiple data input formats
  • Backside alignment
  • Climate chamber
  • Customer specific laser
  • Realtime autofocus
  • Scripting capability
  • 3D exposure mode
  • Camera system for alignment