Leybold SKU: DRYVAC DV 200


Leybold SKU: DRYVAC DV 200
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Dry compressing screw vacuum pump


Smart engineering for today and tomorrow: our network-capable DRYVAC series delivers cutting-edge performance and efficiency, even when the going gets tough.


Built-in intelligence for industrial applications



  • Hermetically sealed screw vacuum pump with integrated frequency converter

  • Simple mechanical and electrical integration

  • Integrated protection functions of temperature, exhaust pressure and power consumption monitoring

  • Small footprint due to compact design

  • Low energy consumption achieved through optimized rotor geometry and innovative motor design with efficiency class IE3

  • Tolerant to dust ingress

  • Excellent condensable gas (water vapor) performance

  • High pumping speed also at high intake pressures


    Technical data

    Max. pumping speed 210 m3/h
    124 cfm
    Ultimate pressure (w/o gas ballast) < 0.05 mbar
    < 0.04 Torr
    Permissible ambient temperature 5 to 50 °C
    Noise level with silencer
    at ultimate pressure
    65 dB(A)
    Relative ambient atmospheric humidity 90%, non-condensing
    Max. installation height Up to 2000 m above sea level
    Cooling Water
    Cooling water temperature range 5 to 35 °C
    Cooling water nominal flow 8 l/min
    Mains voltage 50/60 Hz 200-240 V ±10% or
    380-460 V ±10%
    Rated power 50/60 Hz 7.5 kW
    Power consumption at ultimate pressure 4.1 kW
    Bearing lubricant LVO 210 synthetic oil
    Protection class IP54
    Intake connection DN 63 ISO-K
    Discharge flange DN 40 ISO-KF
    Weight, approx. 370 kg
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 1110 mm x 613 mm x 478 mm



  • Pressure switch on exhaust side (1.2 bar abs.)

  • Temperature pump housing

  • Temperature motor

  • Current limits through frequency converter



  • Integrated frequency converter

  • Electro pneumatic gas ballast valve 24 VDC

  • Purge gas valve 24 VDC

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