Digital THERMOVAC Sensor TM 101

Leybold SKU: Digital THERMOVAC Sensor TM 101
Digital THERMOVAC Sensor TM 101

Digital THERMOVAC Sensor TM 101

Leybold SKU: Digital THERMOVAC Sensor TM 101
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Digital THERMOVAC Sensor TM 101

The digital compact THERMOVAC TM 101 combines high-quality sensor technology with modern process technology in a handy design. The THERMOVAC TM 101 can operate optionally as a datalogger saving the pressure data during the measurement. Of course a subsequent simple transfer to a PC is possible via a USB. The fully electronic THERMOVAC TM 101 is capable of measuring pressures within the pressure range of 1200 to 5 x 10-4 mbar (900 to 3.75 x 10-4 Torr) (7 decades). By combining a piezo-resistive pressure sensor for the upper and a Pirani sensor for the lower pressure range, the measurements made by the THERMOVAC TM 101 are independent of the type of gas above pressures of 15 mbar (11.25 Torr). Especially noteworthy is the exceptionally long battery life.


Advantages to the User

■ Utilization is directly possible in avacuum
■ Measurement range 1200 to 5 x 10-4 mbar (7 decades)
■ Adjustable gas type correction factor
■ Pressure measurements above 15 mbar (11.25 Torr) are independent of the type of gas
■ Pressure unit of measurement selectable between mbar, Torr and Pascal
■ Large 4 digit 7 segment display
■ Cordless power supply through a standard 9 V battery
■ Data logging function with USB interface and internal memory for up to 2000 measured values
■ Minimum and maximum memory function
■ Online measurements via USB are possible
■ Measurement data can be exported by way of ASCII text to Microsoft Excel, for example
■ Protection class IP 40


Typical Applications

■ Mobile pressure measurements of all kinds
■ Checking and setting up of vacuum systems
■ Ensuring operation and quality of vacuum pumps
■ Maintenance and service
■ Graphic representation of pumpdown curves
■ Coating systems
■ Pressure measurements
   - on evaporators and vacuum melting furnaces
   - in chemical process engineering
   - on refrigerating and air-conditioning systems before filling in the refrigerant
   - during the production of gas filled pressurised lamps, respectively refilling
■ Leak tests


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