DFL7341 Fully Automatic Laser Saw

DFL7341 Fully Automatic Laser Saw

DFL7341 Fully Automatic Laser Saw

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Achieves high productivity for sapphire, lithium tantalate, and MEMS processing

  • Φ200 mm
  • Stealth Dicing™
  • SDBG
  • SDTT
  • DFL7341 is a fully automatic laser saw for Φ8-inch wafers which has seen wide used in applications such as LED sapphire substrates and silicon microphones.
  • Stealth Dicing™ process makes it possible for brittle materials such as SiC and GaN to be singulated without chipping.
  • This is a completely dry process, making it suitable for processing devices such as MEMS that are susceptible to water damage.

Height adjustment function

Stealth Dicing™ process can be performed based on the wafer surface height, making it possible to reliably process wafers with significant warpage.


Wafer shape recognition

Wafer shape is measured using a high-resolution sensor to singulate at the optimal processing area.


Compatibility with various materials

High-quality processing can be achieved for sapphire, SiC, and GaAs using laser oscillators suited for each material.

DISCO is an alliance partner* of Hamamatsu Photonics, which owns the portfolio of patents for Stealth Dicing technology.

*System integrators who are business partners with comprehensive licensing for the portfolio of patents for Hamamatsu Stealth Dicing technology.


Specification Unit
Processing method - Stealth Dicing™
Max. workpiece size mm Φ200
(Chuck table)
Processing range mm 210
Moving speed mm/s 1 ~ 1,000
(Chuck table)
Processing range mm 210
Index step mm 0.0001
Positioning accuracy mm 0.003/210
(Single error)0.002/5
Z-axis Moving resolution mm 0.0001
Repeatability accuracy mm 0.001
(Chuck table)
Max. rotating angle deg 380
Equipment dimensions (W×D×H) mm 950 × 1,732 × 1,800
Equipment weight kg Approx. 1,800

*Product appearance, features, specifications, and other details may change due to technical modifications.
*Please read the standard specification sheet thoroughly before use.

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