DAD3651 Automatic Dicing Saw

DAD3651 Automatic Dicing Saw

DAD3651 Automatic Dicing Saw

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Ultra-compact Dual Spindle Dicing Saw Which Achieves Increased Processing Stability

  • Φ200 mm
  • Facing dual spindle

Small footprint

The optimal design of the DAD3651 combines high functionality and ultra compactness for a dual-spindle automatic dicing saw giving it a footprint 2/3 the size of the widely used single-spindle DAD3350 dicer for ø8-inch wafers.

High throughput

By dicing with 2 spindles simultaneously in dual cut mode, high throughput of as much as twice that of a single-spindle dicer can be achieved.

High processability

DAD3651 achieves a small footprint while continuing to support the processing of workpieces up to Φ8 inches. This equipment also supports large square workpieces up to 250 mm with the addition of a user-specified specification. Also, by mounting a different blade on each spindle and using step cut to dice in 2 stages, it is possible to process workpieces requiring very high quality.

High-rigidity spindle

Includes a 1.8 kW spindle with high rigidity, which further improves the processing stability.

Enhanced ease of use

By adopting a 19-inch LCD touch panel, it is possible to operate the equipment and check the equipment and blade conditions at the same time. The operator’s labor load is reduced using the auto alignment function as a standard specification in addition to providing basic access for operation, replacement of workpieces and blades, etc. on the front side of the equipment.

Top menu
Top menu
Stop Correction Screen
Stop Correction Screen


Specification Unit
Max. workpiece size - Φ8 inch (250 mm × 250 mm, Φ300 mm user-specified specification)
X-axis Cutting range mm 260
Cutting speed mm/s 0.1 ~ 1,000
Y-axis Cutting range mm 260
Index step mm 0.0001
Index positioning accuracy mm 0.002/260
(Single error) 0.002/5
Z-axis Max. stroke mm 32.2
Moving resolution mm 0.0000002 (0.2 nm)
Repeatability accuracy mm 0.001
θ-axis Max. rotating angle deg 320
Spindle Rated output kW 1.8
Rated torque N・m 0.29
Rotation speed range min‐1 6,000 ~ 60,000
Equipment dimensions(W×D×H) mm 790 × 790 × 1,800
Equipment weight kg Approx. 1,040

*Product appearance, features, specifications, and other details may change due to technical modifications.
*Please read the standard specification sheet thoroughly before use.

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