DAD3431 Automatic Dicing Saw

DAD3431 Automatic Dicing Saw

DAD3431 Automatic Dicing Saw

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Adopted an air slide on the X-axis to support high precision processing needs

  • Φ150 mm
  • Single spindle

Able to support wide range of applications

Supports workpieces up to Φ6-inch or 150 X 150 mm with user-specified specification. In addition, the standard 2.0 kW high torque spindle enables processing of difficult-to-process materials.
The structure includes a wide water case for a longer X-axis stroke.

Able to support high precision / high quality processing

X-axis adopts a structure that makes use of the air slider characteristics to achieve improved straightness.
In addition, a linear scale mounted on the Y-axis as standard enables stable axis control and higher positioning accuracy. This supports fine processing needs which require high accuracy, including optical parts and magnetic head cutting and grooving.

Improved throughput

High Z-axis feed speed

Improved functions and operation

The high-speed, high-accuracy NCS (Non-Contact Setup, optional) reduces blade height measurement time for the processing table by 74%. Further processing quality stabilization is achieved through improved measurement accuracy. In addition, the visibility during kerf check was improved by enabling microscope ring light three-channel switching. This model supports SECS/GEM.

Ring light three-channel switching specification
Ring light three-channel switching specification

Easy operation

  • XIS (Extended Interface System)
    Operation buttons consolidated on microscope screens
  • Wafer mapping
    Graphic processing condition display similar to full automation equipment.
  • Log viewer
    Graphic analog data display and equipment data visualization
  • Help viewer
    Displays instructions when error occurs for quick, accurate recovery.
Wafer mapping
Wafer mapping
Log viewer
Log viewer
Help viewer
Help viewer

High maintainability

Installation of microscope lens shutter and scope blow function reduces maintenance frequency while improving equipment operation ratio.


Specification Unit
Max. workpiece size - Φ6 inch (150 mm × 150 mm, 220 mm × 160 mm user-specified specification)
X-axis Cutting range mm 160
Cutting speed mm/s 0.1 ~ 300
Y-axis Cutting range mm 162
Index step mm 0.0001
Index positioning accuracy mm 0.0015/160
(Single error) 0.0005/5
Z-axis Max. stroke mm 32.2(Φ2" blade)
Moving resolution mm 0.000002 (2 nm)
Repeatability accuracy mm 0.001
θ-axis Max. rotating angle deg 320
Spindle Rated output kW 2.0 at 40,000 min-1
Rated torque N・m 0.48
Rotation speed range min‐1 3,000 ~ 40,000
Equipment dimensions(W×D×H) mm 730 × 900 × 1,670
Equipment weight kg Approx. 600

*Product appearance, features, specifications, and other details may change due to technical modifications.
*Please read the standard specification sheet thoroughly before use.

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