DAD323 Automatic Dicing Saw

DAD323 Automatic Dicing Saw

DAD323 Automatic Dicing Saw

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World’s Smallest* Dicing Saw which Supports Diversified Processing from Semiconductor Wafers to Electric Components

  • Φ150 mm
  • Single spindle

Diversified Processes

The DAD323 is a single-axis dicing saw with a 2.0 kW high-torque spindle, compatible with workpieces as large as 6 x 6 inches. Adopting the Y-axis scale specification (optional) allows for high-precision index control and processing of difficult-to-process materials, including glass and ceramics. In addition, DAD323 is a versatile model and can be equipped with a 1.8 kW high-rotation spindle (highest rotation speed: 60,000 min-1) as an option.

High productivity

Software operation speed and response speed are improved through adoption of a high-performance MCU. The axis speed is accelerated and throughput is improved by adopting servo motors for all three axes.

Current(DAD322) DAD323
X-axis 500 800
Y-axis 150 200
Z-axis 30 80


World’s smallest footprint*

DAD323 is a compact dicing saw with a width of only 490 mm, and greatly contributes to improvements in productivity per unit area when multiple units are lined up.

* Investigated internally

Ease of operation

  • The auto alignment function is included as a standard feature.
  • Operation via a 15-inch monitor and a GUI (Graphical User Interface)
    Large monitor for improved legibility and an increase in the amount of displayable information.
    Installed with the same user-friendly operating system as the 3000 series (DAD322 compatibility mode is also supported)
Auto alignment
Auto alignment
3000 series
3000 series
322 compatibility mode
322 compatibility mode


Specification Unit
Max. workpiece size - Φ6 inch / 150 mm × 150 mm (user-specified specification)
X-axis Cutting range mm 160
Cutting speed mm/s 0.1 - 800
Y-axis Cutting range mm 162
Index step mm 0.0001
Index positioning accuracy mm 0.005/160
(Single error)0.003/5
Z-axis Max. stroke mm 32.2 (Φ2 inch blades)
Moving resolution mm 0.00005
Repeatability accuracy mm 0.001
θ-axis Max. rotating angle deg 320
Spindle Rated output kW 2.0 at 40,000 min-1
Rated torque N・m 0.48
Rotation speed range min‐1 3,000 - 40,000
Equipment dimensions(W × D × H) mm 490 × 870 × 1,600
Equipment weight kg Approx.400

*Product appearance, features, specifications, and other details may change due to technical modifications.
*Please read the standard specification sheet thoroughly before use.

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