CLAWVAC System CP900i

Leybold SKU: CLAWVAC System CP900i
CLAWVAC System CP900i

CLAWVAC System CP900i

Leybold SKU: CLAWVAC System CP900i
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CLAWVAC System CP900i

The compact and complete claw solution

The CLAWVAC system is a one-stop-shop solution, where Leybold’s reputation for building quality and superior products extends throughout its vacuum pump and systems range. CLAWVAC systems are ideal, if the application requires a high level of redundancy.

Complete & Dry Solution

Energy Efficient

  • Only the required vacuum performance will be delivered

  • Significant energy savings in comparison with a fixed speed solution

  • A smartly designed, compact and easy accessible system

  • An included controller which smartly controls the system and communicates with the customer

  • Dry pumps with minimal impact on the environment

  • Even more silent than one CP 300

  • Constant logging of critical pump parameters

  • Control principle creates a maximised redundancy, with a maximum uptime

  • Simple to install, connect and start

  • Features and Design

    Design Principle

    Technical Features

  • Strong internal chassis with fork lifting facilities to ease transportation and manoeuvring

  • Integrated ‘Hot and cold’ enclosure design, to make the pump able to work continuously at every pressure in ambient temperatures until 40 °C

  • Easy accessibility and removability of the pumps for simple service n Common manifolds for the inlet and outlet, connected to the single pumps

  • Integrated exhaust silencer

  • Non-return valves prevent from reverse rotation of the pumps and guarantee process isolation during pump standstill

  • Condensate drain facilities

  • Monitoring and control facilities


    Process Compatibility


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