Apiezon Hydrocarbon N Grease

Apiezon Hydrocarbon N Grease

Apiezon Hydrocarbon N Grease

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Apiezon N Grease

Apiezon N Grease is silicone-free and widely recognised and recommended as the cryogenic vacuum grease of choice. This cryogenic grease is specially formulated to exhibit craze-free performance characteristics at low temperatures and withstand frequent cycling between cryogenic temperatures as low as -273°C and +30°C.

Apiezon N Grease: Cryogenic High Vacuum Grease Properties

Apiezon N Grease is a silicone- and halogen-free cryogenic high vacuum grease which:

  • can withstand frequent cycling between cryogenic temperatures as low as -273°C and +30°C
  • is craze-free at cryogenic temperatures
  • has the ability to fill the micropores of adjoining surfaces, so improve thermal contact
  • does not suffer from contamination problems associated with silicone based greases such as 'creep' or 'carry over'
  • exhibits a vapour pressure of 6 x 10-10 Torr at 20°C 
  • has powerful 'gettering' action, meaning it absorbs potentially harmful grease and chemical impurities on metal and glass surfaces
  • is easy to clean, use and remove as it is soluble in hydrocarbon solvents

Cryogenic Applications of Apiezon N Grease 

Cryogenic Vacuum Seal

Apiezon N Grease exhibits extremely low vapour pressures at ambient temperatures, 6 x 10-10 torr at 20°C, which are further improved by reductions in temperature to the cryogenic region. Its ability to resist cracking at extremely low temperatures makes it particularly useful as a vacuum seal for cryosystems.

Apiezon N Grease can be relied upon to form and maintain a vacuum seal for long periods, even when subjected to frequent thermal cycling, withstanding cycling between temperatures as extreme as -273°C and +30°C. Its unique properties mean N Grease is widely used to create reliable vacuum and pressure-tight seals in, amongst others: vacuum lines; Schlenk lines; cold traps; liquid helium hoses and electron microscopes.

Thermal Coupling

Apiezon N Grease has a proven track record in improving thermal contact under cryogenic conditions. This is important for the coupling of cooling systems to superconducting magnets, cryostats, temperature sensors or any system that is required to reach cryogenic temperatures as quickly as possible. Low levels of magnetic susceptibility also make it ideal for superconductor manufacturing applications.

Sensor Mounting

Apiezon N Grease is ideal for use in cryogenic sensor mounting. It is pliable at room temperature and solidifies at cryogenic temperatures to allow for easy mounting and removal of sensors without causing damage.

Sample Mounting

Important in low temperature testing of semiconductor chips, laser diodes and crystals, etc., Apiezon N Grease is used to improve thermal contact between the sample boat and cold finger of a cryotstat. This cryogenic thermal contact grease ensures that samples are at the lowest possible temperatures to improve test sensitivities.

Ambient Temperature Applications - Added Cushioning

Apiezon N Grease can be used in a variety of applications at ambient temperatures such as when added cushioning is required. N Grease has a special additive which gives it a tenacious, rubbery consistency which absorbs vibrations in equipment, making N Grease invaluable in fragile glass to glass joints, like burette taps, which continually risk fracture.


Apiezon N Grease Technical Data Sheet 

Apiezon N Cryogenic High Vacuum Grease Technical Data Sheet 

Apiezon N Grease Cryogenic Thermal Conductance Technical Data Sheet 

Apiezon N Grease Safety Data Sheet

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