AP303 - Turbo Pump Oil

M&I Materials Ltd SKU: AP303
Apiezon AP303 - Nano Vacuum Australia and New Zealand

AP303 - Turbo Pump Oil

M&I Materials Ltd SKU: AP303
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Manufactured from high quality polyol ester base stock AP303 is a robust and proven lubricating oil for use in turbo molecular pump bearings. It offers a range of benefits, including excellent lubricity and long service life.

Temperature Range

Apiezon AP303 has a wide operating temperature range and is suitable for continuous use at typical turbo pump operating temperatures. AP303 also has low vapour pressure, meaning that it will not readily evaporate in operation.


Easily Removed

When servicing of pump bearings is carried out, Apiezon AP303 is easily removed by washing away with warm soapy water or by using any aromatic hydrocarbon solvent (toluene, xylene). For a more environmentally friendly solvent, we recommend Limonene.

AP303 is not soluble in alcohols (ethanol, IPA) or ketones (acetone, MEK) so these are not effective for cleaning


AP303 Lubrication Oil and Turbo Pumps

AP303 Turbo Pump oil is used in turbo molecular pumps with conventional bearings which require a high grade lubricant with low vapour pressure. High-speed bearings such as these, with a low bearing load, require oil with a low viscosity. AP303’s polyol ester formulation provides excellent lubricity along with good resistance to ageing, which provides a long service life. It is advised to degass the turbo oil before use to shorten pumping time and prevent foaming

Apiezon AP303: Turbo Pump Lubricant Properties

AP303 is a proven and robust lubricating oil. Manufactured from a high quality polyol ester base stock it:

  • provides excellent lubrication
  • is a robust liquid which offers a long service lifetime
  • exhibits a low vapour pressure of 3.1 x 10-7 Torr at 80°C
  • is silicone and halogen free
  • is easy to clean and remove during servicing as it is soluble in hydrocarbon solvents


Download AP303 Data Sheet 

Download AP303 MSDS


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