Proteox TM: The latest cutting-edge innovation from Oxford Instruments

by Sarah Bowles

A versatile, adaptable ultra-low temperature Cryofree® system that can be tailored to your application  

Protean: Tending or able to change frequently or easily, able to do many different things, versatile Proteus: In Greek mythology, Proteus was a Greek god, able to change form  

Features of the Proteox dilution refrigerator are what makes the instrument unique for researchers: High performance dilution unit for superior qubit coolingActive Gas Gap Heat Switches for increased experimental throughput and expanded capabilityLow vibration features for reduced noise and increased coherence timesHigh thermal capacity for amplifiers, circulators and signal filtering hardwareHigh RF line capacity for addressing higher qubit countsLarge payload for more superconducting Qubits 

Customisable and self-supporting Proteox Secondary Insert enhances adaptability to varied application requirements which builds modularity and flexibility, accommodating full experimental setups, including DC wiring, coaxial wiring and signal conditioning components 


The Secondary Insert maximise the system value by; Maximise up-time (Enable off-system testing and set-up of wiring and experimental configurations), Multi-user and multi-experiment (DC wiring, coaxial wiring, cold electronic components and samples can be fully integrated on to multiple Secondary Inserts for easy removal, modification and exchange), Future-proof investment (Fully cross-compatible and upgradeable Secondary Inserts can be exchanged between systems in the Proteox family) 

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