MediPlas® Drive

Relyon SKU: MediPlas-Drive
MediPlas® Drive

MediPlas® Drive

Relyon SKU: MediPlas-Drive
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The driver for the high-performance ozone generator “MediPlas®-Reactor” as a component for sterilization and disinfection in clean in place (CIP)

The MediPlas® Drive from relyon plasma is a high voltage driver that provides the voltage power needed for ozone generation.

In combination with the MediPlas® Reactor based on cold athospheric plasma (CAP), the driver for ozone generators can be used as a component in the medical field for disinfection and sterilization of surfaces. Pathogens are thus effectively eliminated and there is no need to use chemicals or vacuum. This results in cost savings and its use is also environmentally friendly.


Application of the driver for ozon generators in dental technology   Application of the driver for ozone generators in medicine   Application of the driver for ozone generators at sleep apnoe 


Application areas of the driver for ozone generators

The high-voltage source is intended for operation with a suitable plasma generator. The driver for ozone generators converts a DC low voltage to an AC high voltage using an auto-resonant circuit topology. The output frequency automatically adapts to the load being operated. The MediPlas® Drive can drive customer specific DBD-assemblies with up to 300 pF capacity and atmospheric air gap up to 2 mm distance to ground electrode. Each MediPlas® Drive is able to feed three MediPlas® Reactor blocks.

The MediPlas® Reactor generates ozone. RONS (reactive oxygen and nitrogen species) and ROS (reactive oxygen species) arise in the secondary plasma. Medical products can be reprocessed and germs and odors can be eliminated. The plasma components can be used, for example, in applications in medical technology, in industry, in packaging, in consumer goods and in agriculture for disinfection and sterilization.

The typical clean in place cycle contains six steps:

  1. rinse
  2. wash
  3. rinse
  4. chemical/thermal disinfection
  5. rinse and
  6. drying.

The typical clean in place cycle (CIP) can be optimized by integrating ozone generation. The optimized clean in place cycle with the integration of ozon gerneration contains only four steps:

  1. rinse
  2. wash
  3. rinse and
  4. disinfect.

This leads to savings in in the sinner’s circle in time, energy and consumables.

Possible applications include and are not limited to:

  • Internal sterilization of home hemodialysis equipment
  • Dentist chair fluidic system sterilization
  • Low temperature sterilization for medical tools
  • Hospital floor cleaning with plasma activated water


  • High durability; easy integration
  • High ozone concentration
  • Reactor fully stable against high humidity level
  • Reactor can be operated on pure (medical) oxygen to yield high ozone concentrations > 50.000 ppm
  • Easy to combine with PSA
  • Reactor can also be operated to yield high NOx output for agricultural and gardening applications such as inline fertilization

Technical Data

  • Typical Input power: 30 W
  • HV Input: 
  • HV Output: HV-Kabel
  • Width: 73 mm
  • Height: 46 mm
  • Depth: 120 mm
  • Weight: 0,4 kg
  • Reference signal: Analogue 0 to 5 V
  • Typical ambient temperature: 10 to 40 °C


  • High ozone concentration
  • Low gas flow and low power consumption
  • Stability in long-term operation
  • Active cooling
  • Easy power control
  • Low thermal signature
  • Cost-effective
  • Small size
  • Simple integration into appliance

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