Transport Box (vacuum suitcase)

by Sarah Bowles

Transport boxes (vacuum suitcases) are used for transporting samples between different UHV systems under ultra high vacuum conditions.

Sample holders/samples can be stored and transported inside the transport box while maintaining UHV conditions. Vacuum is ensured by an ion pump and it's monitored by appropriate pressure gauge. The pump is designed so that it can be powered from e.g. a car battery or other power source.

Pumping options
• NEG Getter pump - pumping speed: 200 l/s (DN 40CF)
• ION pump - pumping speed: 3 l/s (DN 16CF)

Custom design
Various types of sample holders - bespoke transport box designs to accommodate various types and styles of sample holder
 Portable infrared chamber - compact size, simple design vacuum box dedicated for FTIR spectroscopy investigations. Easy connection to IR spectrometer thanks to its portability

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