The Metalens Revolution is Well Underway!

by Natasha Sufi
Nano Vacuum is excited to present article written by Antonio Raspa, from EPIC-European Photonics Industry Consortium, with contributions from Multiphoton Optics-Heidelberg Instruments, in the latest issue of Laser Focus world.
The evolution of metalens technologies shows its promise for optical, imaging, and display systems, and now fabrication within the same plants as computer chips may help speed its adoption and drop costs.
Starting from a revision of the classical optical laws of reflection and refraction, Harvard’s Federico Capasso imagined metasurfaces and metalenses and how these devices could be used to create nanosized flat lenses with the potential to revolutionize multiple optical applications.

Now, the first metalens applications are a reality and the entire value chain for high-volume production is coming to fruition. This flat lens technology is revolutionizing the optics used for sensing and imaging. There are challenges, as well, to overcome before metalens technology can fulfil its potential.

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