SiC Plasma Epi Prep Alternative to CMP is Validated: Oxford Instruments Complete Feasibility Study at Tier 1 SiC Semi Fab

by Natasha Sufi


Following Oxford Instruments announcement of their plasma alternative to CMP product, being launched at the International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials (ICSCRM / ECSCRM), in Davos Switzerland 11 -16 September 2022, Oxford Instruments share exciting news.

Oxford Instruments’ have developed a non-contact plasma etch method of preparing SiC substrates for epitaxy. The technique delivers comparable results to CMP but with lower OPEX, higher device yield and a process window capable of supporting the transition to thinner wafers and therefore increasing wafers per boule. Their feasibility project carried out at a tier 1 SiC semiconductor manufacturing fab using whole wafers, found that performance of the new plasma substrate preparation technique is already equivalent to CMP for epitaxy readiness.

“This validation outcome is a significant milestone in our goal of creating a more cost-effective and sustainable technique for preparing SiC substrates for epitaxy” comments Klaas Wisniewski, Plasma Technology’s Strategic Business Development Director, who also added: " Our Plasma epi-prep technology is hugely promising and currently compares favourably to existing alternatives, but has the potential to exponentially increase substrate production and meet growing demand for SiC substrates in high growth markets.”

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