Process News 2021 - Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology

by Natasha Sufi

Process News 2021

Enabling the Quantum Revolution

Welcome to the new Process News! In this edition, you will find all the latest articles, white papers and webinars related to Quantum technology, as well as the innovative work of some of our customers. 

Quantum technology will change our lives, enabling faster computational solutions to previously unsolvable problems. Sensitive Quantum magnetic field sensors will enable navigation in GPS-impossible environments and other exciting applications.
Quantum is generating public and private investment, with significant development programs reported worldwide.

Continued progress is dependent on improving device performance because sufficient coherence times are not being achieved to realise the full potential of Quantum technology. Quality materials and interfaces must be engineered for minimal loss to achieve longer coherence times and scale systems to their full capability. Download the pdf here to continue the reading.


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