Relyon Plasma Piezobrush R PZ3: endurance test of standard module

by Natasha Sufi

Nano Vacuum is proud to present white paper by: Dariusz Korzec, Florian Hoppenthaler, Thomas Andres, Sophia Guentner, and Simona Lerach



The subject of this study is a long-term endurance of the standard nozzle module used as a plasma generator in the handheld device piezobrush R PZ3 and in the industrial integration unit piezobrush R PZ3-i. The results of an endurance test of 10 piezobrush R PZ3 standard modules equipped with a plasma liner made of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) are presented. The setup for the endurance test and the applied evaluation methods are described. The modules were 37 weeks (more than 6000 h) under operation, stopped brie y for measurement of electric parameters and activation area. All standard modules passed the test without significant deterioration of performance. The variation of the activation area, electric parameter, and morphology of the module is examined and discussed.

Read full paper here

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