piezobrush® PZ2 Handheld Atmospheric Plasma Cleaner

by Ava Faridi

The piezobrush® PZ2 has been conceived to be an efficient handheld unit. The plasma handheld device is also very suitable for being used in professional model making, in laboratories and the manual assembly of small lots. Bonding of synthetic materials becomes easier due to surface activation resulting from the impact of cold plasma.

Also the adhesion of coatings in the automotive field of application or on polypropylene is optimized. As a further advantage, prior treatment with the piezobrush® handheld unit increases the bonding strength in the case of epoxy-based adhesives being used for bonding materials, such as glass, GRP, ABS and other synthetic materials. Due to the low thermal stress, treatment of materials conventionally used in model making – such as wood and various kinds of paper – using all-purpose power glue is excellent.

Download PZ2 Handheld Atmospheric Plasma Cleaner

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