NEW Partner UniTemp Germany Thermal Process Equipment

by Nano Vacuum

Nano Vacuum Australia & New Zealand are proud to announce our new partner, UniTemp Germany.

UniTemp GmbH was founded in August 2000 and are specialise in thermal process equipment. UniTemp's success is based on more than 15 years of experience in developing and producing R&D equipment for labs and small series production. Their key products are rapid thermal annealing systems, reflow solder ovens (fluxless and void-free soldering) and high precision hot plates. They also offer a VSS Vacuum Solder System where flux can be used and MEMs High Vacuum Sealer packaging solutions including Getter Activation. 

High precision Rapid Thermal Annealer (RTA) or Rapid Thermal Processor (RTP) Ovens are used for several applications including annealing of silicon and compound semiconductor wafers or devices, Rapid Thermal Oxidation (RTO), Rapid Thermal Nitridation (RTN), Rapid Thermal Diffusion from spin-on dopant, Crystallization, contact alloying and more.

Our RTPs can reach up to 1200C with a maximum ramp rate of 150K/s down to 10E-6 mbar/hPa with a maximum substrate size of 156 x 156mm or 150mm diameter (depending on model).

Reflow Solder Systems are used in reflow solder processes (flux or fluxless) for R&D, prototyping and small series production.
The reflow solder system is perfect for the following applications:

  • flux-less soldering
  • flip chip process
  • adhesive bonding
  • solder bump reflowing
  • encapsulation of housings
  • soldering of power devices
  • heat treatment of semiconductor wafers
  • prototype development
  • quality control

We offer a wide range of reflow solder systems:

  • RSO: Reflow Solder Oven RSO-200 (up to 650 °C)
  • RSS: Mini Reflow Solder System RSS-110-S, RSS-160-S, RSS-210-S (max. temp. 400 °C)
  • RVS-210: Reflow Vacuum Solder System up to 400 °C also for flux
  • VSS: Vacuum Solder System (up to 400 °C) also for flux

The Unitemp Germany range of benchtop MEMS High Vacuum Packaging Sealing Tools is perfect for R&D and Laboratory applications. The systems allow for hermetically sealing MEMs devices with Getter activation.

A maximum of 6 MEMS devices can be sealed simultaneously (Dia 16mm or Dia 42mm - depending on model) with a maximum temperature of 450C. The hotplate design allows for homogeneous heating uniformity.

UniTemp combines high tech equipment with the best quality, perfect ergonomic handling, and best design. UniTemp is very flexible in adapting their standard equipment according to special requirements. They offer unparalleled support for pre and post sales.

Feel free to contact Nano Vacuum Australia & New Zealand for more information on the range of UniTemp Germany Thermal Process Equipment

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