New Exclusive Partner - Heidelberg Instruments - Direct Laser Write Lithography Tools

by Nano Vacuum

Nano Vacuum Pty Ltd are extremely pleased to announce that we are the exclusive distribution partner for Heidelberg Instruments Mikrotechnik GmbH Germany Direct Laser Write Lithography Tools throughout Australia & New Zealand.

Heidelberg Instruments have been a major disrupter to traditional contact mask aligners for many years with all major research institutes switching for mask aligners to maskless direct-write tools by Heidelberg Instruments.

Spun out of Heidelberg University Germany in 1984, they pioneered the direct-write lithography method. Today they have close to a 1000 tools installed across 55 countries, including 14 tools in Australia & New Zealand.

As well as tools designed specifically for the challenging needs of R&D, they also have a range of production tools for semiconductor and photomask industrial users.

Popular applications include MEMS, BioMEMS, integrated Optics, Optical waveguides, microfluidics, lab on chip, SQUID sensors, Josephson Junctions, semiconductors, Micro LEDs and all other micro & nano devices.

From tabletop (uPG101, MLA100), high-end R&D (MLA150, DWL66+) to fully automated (ULTRA, VPG+) tools, Heidelberg instruments offer a true Lab to Fab solution.

Feature sizes can be down to 300nm (tool dependent) with advanced Greyscale capabilities for optical lenses, holograms, and 3D features.

Heidelberg also boasts the fastest speeds available for direct-write lithography tools. Contact Nano Vacuum Australia & New Zealand today to discuss your lithography needs, especially if you are looking to replace your old contact mask aligner.

Check out the Heidelberg Instruments range here:

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