nanoPVD-T15A Thermal Evaporation

by Ava Faridi

High-performance organics and metals evaporation in compact packages for benchtop location. Superior, efficient performance and ideal for OLED, OPV and OFET research.

The latest model in the nanoPVD range, model T15A can be equipped with low-temperature evaporation (LTE) and standard resistive evaporation sources for deposition of organics and metals, respectively. LTE sources are low thermal-mass for better control when evaporating volatile organic materials, while metals sources are our box-shielded TE1 models for efficient deposition and reduced cross-contamination.

With a turbomolecular pumping system, high-vacuum base pressures, straightforward automated control via a touchscreen HMI and a range of options for flexible configuration, the nanoPVD-T15A is a versatile, efficient solution for world-class R&D applications. 


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