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nanoPVD S10A - Benchtop Sputtering PVD System

Benchtop, turnkey system for high performance RF and DC magnetron sputtering for metals and insulating materials. Compact as an electron microscopy coater, but with high-end hardware for research-grade results.

The nanoPVD-S10A is a magnetron sputtering system compact enough to be located benchtop, but that can be fitted with DC and/or RF power supplies (i.e., for deposition of metals or insulating materials such as oxides or nitrides). Magnetrons (up to 3 can be fitted) are water-cooled, allowing for high powers and sustained operation, and sized for accepting industry-standard targets. Units have turbomolecular pumping systems for low-contamination operation. Co-deposition is possible, as is reactive sputtering via the gas/pressure control module that can support up to 3 process gases.

  • May 26, 2020
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