Nano Vacuum Visiting Our Partners in Europe!

by Natasha Sufi

Nano Vacuum at Heidelberg Instruments

Nano Vacuum, product manager, Dr Ava Faridi, was thrilled to visit our partners in Europe, the first time after 2 years of the pandemic. Nano Vacuum has worked with these partners for years and it provided for an opportunity to build stronger relationships as well as to familiarize with new technologies and receive training on new products for the upcoming research space.

Dr Ava started her visit with a day at Relyon Plasma, suppliers of a wide range of specialized plasma components for manual applications and inline processes, where she was able to see the application of their new system PZ3-i. Nano Vacuum looks forward to furthering collaboration in the future. 

Following was a 3day meeting at Heidelberg Instruments, leaders in development and production of high precision photolithography systems, maskless aligners and nanofabrication tools. This brought distributors back together on the same platform from all over the world, after the long pause for Covid. At the event the participants were able to receive training for new technologies and view demos on the systems, they also discussed the challenges faced by our customers and academia and ways to better help them accomplish their goals. 

Next was a visit to OSIRIS, sister company to Heidelberg Instruments, where Dr Ava was able to observe the new technology in development. OSIRIS are experts in photolithographic process equipment used in semiconductor and microsystems (MEMS) technology and have been working closely with the biggest manufacturer of semiconductors in the world. They will be bringing many new instruments to the market in the future.

At a fruitful meeting with Oxford Instruments Nano Science, the discussion was about future cooperation to bring better service to the customers of Australia and New Zealand. This is possible by market-leading research tools they provide, that enable quantum technologies, nano technology research, advanced materials and nano device development in the physical sciences. 

Lastly, was a tour of the facility at Nanovac AB, suppliers of advanced systems such as Thermal Vacuum Chambers (TVAC) for space industry and research. Here our product manager was able to see the process of manufacturing the TVAC systems, get more familiar with customized TVAC and discuss the application of the systems. This was critical to support the fast-growing space industry in Australia and deliver the best services to Nano Vacuum customers.

‘An exciting trip, it was a great opportunity to meet Nano Vacuum partners after a long gap and create better links of customer requirements to manufacturers’ said Dr. Ava Faridi.   

Nano Vacuum at Relyon Plasma

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