MPO 100 - Multi-User Tool for 3D Lithography and 3D Microprinting

by Natasha Sufi

Heidelberg Instruments presents, for the first time, the new two-photon polymerization MPO 100, a multi-user tool that combines both the requirements of 3D lithography with resolutions in the 100 nm range and 3D microprinting with structure heights of over one centimeter, all in one device.

"The MPO 100 is a unique tool for microfabrication and achieves the highest resolution among additive manufacturing processes at 100 nanometers. Furthermore, the 1-10-100-1000 capability of the MPO 100 will enable users at universities, R&D institutions, as well as the industry and offer significant advantages for new developments in areas such as micro-optics, microfluidics, and biomedicine," says Dr. Benedikt Stender of Multiphoton Optics GmbH, the subsidiary of Heidelberg Instruments where the development of the MPO 100 was carried out.

For more information on the MPO 100 by Heildelberg Instruments click here 

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